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For the price of a coffee you can become a Her Sport MVP and support our mission, all while receiving unique and exclusive monthly benefits. Each contribution is valuable in creating a cultural shift and helps us achieve our goals of levelling the playing field for girls and women in sport. ​


Her Sport’s mission is to use sport as a tool to foster gender equality and empower girls and women. We aim to educate, empower and inspire girls and women to achieve their full potential.

We were founded due to the clear underrepresentation of women’s sport in the media. The statistics are startling. 

  • Just 6% of sports media coverage in Ireland goes to women’s sport, despite the fact that 41% of participants in sport are women. 
  • Twice as many girls drop out of sport by the age of 14 as boys. By the age of 20, one in two girls will have dropped out of sport.
  • 87% of Irish girls have low self-esteem; the lowest globally.

We challenge barriers women in sport face through:

(1) Engagement with our loyal digital community, producing daily media content including videos, podcasts, newsletters and social media content.

(2) Educational workshops with schools, colleges, clubs and businesses, as we provide the tools to positively impact cultural and societal change. 

(3) Sale of Her Sport merchandise; Wear products with purpose, knowing that all profits go to supporting and promoting women in sport.We use our Her Sport merchandise to increase brand awareness and to start conversations around equality in sport.

We want every girl and women to feel like they belong in sport and have the same opportunity as their male counterparts. To help make this possible, our small team works tirelessly to level the playing field for girls and women in sport. We endeavour to continue to bring free content to all of the Her Sport community. Your contribution ensures our small team can continue to deliver quality journalism and give female athletes the coverage they deserve. It also helps us provide educational workshops in schools and clubs around the country on a variety of important subjects.

It costs €5 per month or €52 annually to become a Her Sport MVP and join the squad.

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It’s easy to cancel your subscription. In order to cancel your subscription, simply navigate to ‘Manage Subscription” and click on “Cancel Subscription”. A pop-up window will appear where you can either cancel or continue. Click continue and your subscription will be cancelled.

MVP means Most Valuable Players. 

As a Her Sport MVP, you have the opportunity to make a real impact while also connecting with Her Sport at an exclusive level.  The money goes straight back into creating visibility through high quality journalism and allows us to deliver workshops to educate  girls, women, parents and coaches to break down the barriers girls and women face in sport. 

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